Top 5 Men’s Spring/summer Accessories

Top 5 Men’s Spring/summer Accessories

Top 5 Men’s Spring/summer Accessories

The great British weather is finally starting to take a turn for the better! But we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to ditch your jeans and trousers completely and run around in shorts all week.

Top 5 Men’s Spring/summer Accessories

We’ve all been there; we get up and have been personally-invited out by the sun, he assures us he’s not leaving till very late. Then a few hours later, we realist that bastard Sun lied and has pissed off, leaving you to walk home with frosted balls -and I’m not talking about a new Kellogg’s cereal. So while the weather is still a bit like Liverpool’s form- up and down- we’ve set out the top five accessories you need to pick up for when the real sun comes out to play.


The Aviators are a classic and will never go out of fashion. Period. The great thing about these are the fact that they also break the age barrier; they’ll look as stylish on a 20-year-old as they would on a man twice his age.

Avoid looking like a member of YMCA and skip the metallic Police-style ones. Instead, go with a coffee brown to add to your summer chic. Just make sure you choose a frame size that fits your face. You can buy these cheaply from most high street stores or go spend some money and get them prescription fitted.


The braided belt is a great way to spice up your summer outfits. The nautical styles are by far the most suited to this season’s chino/tailored short trends. A neutral cream belt is the perfect partner to your brown aviators. They are extremely versatile and can also be matched with cargo shorts as well as a wide range of colored chinos.


Last week, we covered fedoras, so it would be hypocritical of me to leave it out in this week’s post. The fedora is a great finishing touch to any outfit and can also be used as the stand-out piece on a simple shirt and sunglasses combo. Add some retro style eye wear like Ray Ban glasses to really bring something else to the look.


The summer watch is a neat way of adding a little color into your summer ensemble. Many of the famous sports brands such as Adidas and Puma are creating these summer masterpieces. It’s the perfect time to go crazy with your wrist pieces. Use the sun as an excuse to go color mad. It’s also a nice way of coordinating some unusual colors into your look.


Cotton ties lighten up your outfit. The aim of your summer look is to look light and cool and a cotton tie does just that. It works well with other summer fabrics such as linen and looks casual enough to even pair with a pair of chino shorts. Plaid designs are all the rave now and they work very well with the nautical trend, so experiment and find out what suits you.

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