Atlanta Wedding Decor: Guide to Picking Your Wedding Colors

Atlanta Wedding Decor: Guide to Picking Your Wedding Colors

Atlanta Wedding Decor: Guide to Picking Your Wedding Colors

Are you preparing for your grand wedding coming up within the next few months? Sure, wedding planning can be a hectic process, where you have to make runs from one décor shop to another, making phone calls trying to get things in order, contacting wedding planners, paying attention to details such as the theme, floral décor, balloon decorations, and so much more!

Atlanta Wedding Decor: Guide to Picking Your Wedding Colors

With so much going, you must be wondering how you should choose your wedding day color palette and how to make them work in your Atlanta wedding decor. The fact is that the hottest trend happening at receptions these days is not just on the dance floor, it is on the invitations, the cake, the bride’s gown, and the centerpieces. Today, it’s the bold colors, and no longer the standard white accent in their wedding décor. Now, they use colors to cover every inch of their wedding décor details.

Here’s a guide on how to create a winning color palette for your grand day in Atlanta!

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

The very first thing is the location. Once you have a wedding venue, the next thing is to decide on a suitable color scheme. You have to consider the space, whether it comes with décor, color or without. For example, wedding planners such as those at Let’s Celebrate Events recommend that if you choose a country club with maroon and navy oriental carpets, a color scheme with hot pink and lime green will not work.

The next thing is you need to become aware of all the color combinations you like, whether it means flipping through stacks of interior décor magazines or browsing through art galleries. From a dozen colors, you may be able to narrow down your choices in colors to half a dozen.

In order to help you choose the right hue for your wedding details, you would want to consult a local paint or fabric store on the color chips you wish to use. Doing so will also help you to get a specific color, so when you decide on a shade of green, you will know it is Kelly green, lime green, forest green or sage green.

If you have access to popular books like a Pantone Book, you can use the collection of colors to decide on the shade you prefer the exact same way as designers would consider. Usually, invitation designers mix different inks to match them to the colors available in this book. In addition, cake bakers use the numbers of Pantone colors as a reference to create dyes for cake frostings.

If you cannot decide on a single color during the event-planning phase, do not worry! In fact, most extraordinary weddings nowadays feature different colors, sometimes even up to five colors working together to make a new theme, such as an “English Garden” with yellow, green, red, pink, brown, and more. If you want things to be simple, you can opt for gold and white or red and gold.

3 Elements of Style that Look Great with Colors

How and where you use colors all depends on the mood you wish to create. The ideal way is to get started is to first figure out the emotions you wish to evoke to your event. Should it exude high energy or a relaxed atmosphere?

Flowers and Décor

Regardless of the colors you choose, the chances are high that you will find some flowers in that shade, of course, this does not mean that the blooms will be affordable or even available. If the dream flowers you want are not an option, you could use white neutral flowers and have centerpieces or other elements in the shade of color you prefer.

The Invitations

Invitations help to set the atmosphere and stage right for the event, so you need to keep in mind the mood you wish to evoke. This is the perfect time for you to show off. You can coordinate the colors of the invitation with the wedding theme, choose a ribbon, color font, monogram, or add layering of colorful cards.

The Wedding Cake

An easy place to add color splashes is on the cake; all it requires is the right amount of mix. The color shade could reflect other stylish elements throughout the entire wedding. However, when it comes to the wedding cake, you can go with flexible color options. You can have white icing, which makes a great background for sugar paste stripes, sugar flowers, or even polka dots. These days, fondant icing also comes in different shades, for example, a brown and yellow wedding cake iced with a brown basket weave, with vibrant flower toppings!

When it comes to colors, the options are endless. Along with these elements, other details that would look great with color splashes include, favors, napkins, signature drinks, candles, guest book, ring pillow and so much more! For the best suggestions, you could always consult your wedding planners, go through their portfolio, and consider their tips and ideas.

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